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Aburst Funding: The affordable way to gain capital from an attorney funding company or service. We have aligned ourselves with private equity investors and financial institutions that borrow to law firms and attorneys that practice mass tort or personal injury. The lenders have been well vetted to provide reasonable terms for your attorney loan service needs. In mass tort funding or personal injury we can help you obtain capital today. The capital raised or borrowed can be used for administrative costs along with lead generation fees. Keep your portfolio alive with attorney funding.

Attorney Loan Service

Question: What is attorney funding?
Answer: Each attorney funding company or service varies. But on average you would be estimating 2-3% compund monthly interest. The payback timeframe can also wait until you receive your first settlement.

Mass Tort Attorney Funding

We look forward to answering any other questions you may have. There are many attorney funding options to explore for mass tort and personal injury law firms.
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Answer: Attorney funding is a short term loan or investment that allows you to utilize your assets and borrow funds. These funds can be used to allocate more cases, pat for administration fees, or pay for court filing fees. These are perfect financial solutions for attorneys seeking capital from an attorney loan funding service.
Question: What is the normal rate and payback period?
Mass tort and personal injury attorney funding company
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