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Qualified attorney leads for mass tort, Yas, Yasmin, Ocella, TVM, Nuvaring, lawyer leads, SSRI birth defects from Zoloft, Depakote, Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, verified Actos leads, hip replacement, corporate commercial attorney lawyer lead, storm damage lawsuit cases, auto accident / DUI, personal injury, lawyer lead generation service
Auto Accident / DUI Leads
Personal Injury Leads: Find qualified attorney leads for auto and semi truck accident, brain head or burn personal injury leads, construction accident or commercial heavy machine lawsuit leads, dog bite, dui attorney leads, medical malpractice leads for lawyers, nursing home and elderly care abuse, slip and fall, spinal cord personal injury lead, motorcycle accident leads, workers compensation related injury,wrongful death lawsuit, and many other mass tort and personal injury leads exclusive to your firm.
SSRI Birth Defect Leads
Transvaginal Mesh Leads Tvm: Start speaking with qualified pelvic mesh sling and tvm leads from Exclusive Attorney Leads. We qualify each tvm lead for injury related date, doctor or hospital diagnosis and include our dual qualification process on all mass tort leads. Each potential trans-vaginal mesh and pelvic sling injury lawsuit case is exclusive to your attorney and lawyer assigned to the file. We look forward to becoming your new tvm mass tort lead provider.
Storm Damage
Zofran Leads for law firms. Our qualified zofran lead generation allows for custom filters while qualifying each potential lead. Find opt in zofran leads with birth defect injuries. Mass tort lead generation.
Mass Tort Leads: Experience qualified mass tort leads including yaz leads, tvm leads, ssri birth defect leads from anti depressant drugs prozac, paxil, depakote, wellbutrin, and zoloft. Also we generate hip replacement leads, pelvic sling and mesh leads, actos diabetic bladder cancer leads, nuvaring, medical products, prescription drug case leads. Start contacting more compliant opt in mass tort leads today.

Mass Tort Leads

Welcome to Exclusive Attorney Leads your trusted mass tort and attorney lead generation experts. We specialize in the following types of mass tort leads and attorney lead generation. Power Morcellator, Granuflo, Actos, hip replacement, SSRI birth defects, mesh and sling, cerebral palsy, Zofran, Xarelto, Invokana, denture creams, low t, oil spill, hurricane and flood, auto accidents DUI, criminal felony cases, divorce, bankruptcy, mass tort, TVM transvaginal mesh, personal injury, defibrillators, shoulder pump, dye injection MRI, and other custom attorney lead services can be found on our product pages below.
Exclusive Attorney Leads dedicates each day to quality verification and accurate dual qualified information to ensure high close ratios. Most potential clients go to trial within the first 90 days. We look forward to becoming your new attorney lead generation service.
Transvaginal mesh lawsuit cases are becoming more popular each day. We phone qualify and double verify each TVM lead for date of procedure, injury type and date, revision surgery, and doctor or hospital diagnosis. The TVM injury attorney leads also come with recording of qualification process and back up Excel CSV file for your records.
Most cases go to trial within the first 90 days or less. There are two double qualified transvaginal mesh TVM lead options available. See details here.
Find Zofran leads that have requested information regarding a birth defect. Zofran lead generation for live transfer and internet opt in posted leads. Experience double qualified Zofran birth defect leads.Trusted lead generation for opt in Zofran leads with birth defect injuries. We look forward to speaking with you to accomplish your marketing agenda.
Television commercial airtime for lawyers has never been easier to obtain. We offer commercial production and bulk TV airtime purchasing options. Television commercial spots and television production from a national recognized celebrity spokesperson. Live actors and actresses included in our premium attorney commercial production. Competitive bulk TV  airtime available for purchase. Great for mass tort and personal injury.
Exclusive Attorney Leads provides professional mass tort lead generation to find the highest caliber of lead prospect in the attorney lead generation service industry. Contact one of our trained sales associates to help find the most targeted class action commercial business lead or mass tort media today.
Anti depressants like Prozac, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Depakote and Zoloft have proven to see an increase in birth defects if taken during certain trimesters of pregnancy. We pre-screen and qualify each SSRI lead for date of diagnosis from doctor or hospital, any medication taken that the client wants to mention, and finally we also ensure that each client is not working with an attorney.
Find qualified SSRI leads for your law firm today and experience high case ratios with phone verified attorney leads.
We qualify each auto accident, semi big rig truck accident and DUI DWI accident lead for accurate information regarding date of injury and medical attention received if notated. Also each lead from Exclusive Attorney Leads has been verified through an internet submission form and then if purchased we then dual qualify each client by phone to ensure their information regarding the semi truck accident, car wreck, or DUI criminal defense leads.
Start contacting complaint opt in auto accident leads in your local area or take our nationwide media network to deliver quality, responsive attorney leads for any occasion.
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Performance driven attorney based media focusing on results. Each client is very important to Exclusive Attorney Leads. We look forward to providing quality opt in compliant media based upon on your case preference.
Speak to a live account manager today for more details.
Increase case loads with a qualified client base today.
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Areas of Expertise

Exclusive Attorney Leads accurately works with opt in mass tort leads and focuses on legal lead generation services.
We specialize in mass tort leads for personal injury. Lead types include lawyer SSRI birth defects, pelvic sling and TVM transvaginal mesh, Zofran leads, hip replacement, Honda class action, hurricane, flood, oil spill, Actos, personal injury leads, auto accident and commercial semi truck leads, Nuvaring, Prodaxa, Depakote, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Paxil, and other custom attorny lead and lawyer generation services custom tailored with an attorney in mind. Exclusive Attorney Leads also offers a lead quality promise.
Join the fastest growing legal lead generation service in the industry today. We also offer custom area specific attorney leads.
The higher end lead products tend to have more verification and screening performed as value is of concern. We also check with other approved lead generation companies if our in house staff is not generating large amounts of volume in your specific area of practice. Internal quality control managers also assist our clients with verification and volume concerns.
Most leads are dual qualified for each client and must pass a two step verification process to become eligible. Media is generated via online web search form that the client completes for more information. Since we are not lawyers or attorneys we can not provide legal advice.
Our strengths include dual qualification of potential clients to ensure they meet your case filters. We are fully staffed and highly trained to take on most mass tort and personal injury claim leads.

Lead Generation Experience

Phone verified or often referred to as double qualified mass tort lead brings us to our second lead type that we generate. Each dual qualified lead refers to first opting into the short form capture website mentioned above and  then our call center takes this media to another level and phone verifies the injury or ailment and turns this into double phone verified lead. These leads work the best conversion and trial wise as they have been physically spoken to and verified the dates, doctor or hospital diagnosis and injury type as required.
Your first type is the traditional internet PPC or search form submission lead in which the client opted in from a search engine inquiry at which point that client will ping our system and if they meet your specific personal injury criteria the system will deliver each potential client via email. You can also assign a cc email so that the appropriate personnel acquires the vital information. The traditional opt in internet leads are great converting media for all occasions.
There are two distinctive types of attorney or mass tort leads that we generate.

Legal Leads and How They Are Created

Custom Legal Leads

Since every attorney is different we acknowledge that certain filters and stipulations will be requested with your order. Each order is custom suited to fit your filters and state restrictions as we strive to deliver the most targeted client in your area of practice.
Mass tort and prescription drug claims also have filters that we can build with your order so that all facets of conversion are covered.
You will be assigned an account manager who will also guide you  with filter and lead order details. We suggest to start small with our 25 lead order and build confidence going into the next week before large commitments. Massive conversion and speedy case to trial time is our goal.

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Exclusive Attorney Leads provides dual qualified opt in personal injury leads nationwide to large and small attorney firms. We specialize in phone qualified and verified mass tort leads, auto accident leads, brain head and spine injury, child day care neglect leads, dog bite, medical malpractice, construction site injury, workman's comp leads, DUI accident, nursing home abuse, work injury, semi truck, wrongful death lawsuit, and many other attorney leads that convert.
Increase your case load with qualified mass tort leads that include TVM leads, SSRI birth defect leads from anti depressants Prozac ,Paxil, Wellbutrin, Depakote, Zoloft, Nuvaring injury claims, transvaginal mesh and pelvic sling, Actos bladder cancer, hip replacement, Zithromax, Pradaxa, Chantix, Granuflo, and other active mass tort lead cases.
With over 20+ years opt in attorney lead generation experience. Exclusive Attorney Leads is your opt in compliant lead source with proven clients that convert. Most cases go to trial within the first 90 days. Quality mass tort leads that are dual qualified and verified with recording and Excel file for your records.
We also generate opt in clients for the following mass tort cases:
Join the fastest growing attorney lead generation service for mass tort and personal injury leads.
Buy mass tort leads for tvm granuflo actos bladder sling pelvic mesh
Speak with a live agent to get more information about our Exclusive Attorney Lead service today.
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