Mass tort and personal injury attorney funding company

Attorney Funding

Burst Funding is a marketplace for law firms and investment entities to engage in the purpose of acquiring and selling assets owned by a law firm. This platform works for mass tort cases and auto accident cases along with any associated assets. There are many great resources for investment and case acquisition funding options that we can explore. We have referrals that provide attorney funding capital to law firms. Our team has over 10+ years of direct attorney relationships that inquire about attorney funding and investment options.
Mass tort and personal injury attorney funding company
Performance driven attorney lead generation.
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How The Process Works

Initial Qualification
2. Initial Qualification
Review legal merits and due diligence regarding their case.
Retainer Submission
3. Retainer Submission
If approved, the Plaintiff will sign and submit attorney retainer documents to retrieve medical records.
Medical Record Retrieval
4. Medical Record Retrieval
Once medical records are retrieved the law firm will review to ensure that they can properly litigate and maximize settlement outcome.
Track Case Progress
5. Track Case Progress
Receive updates on litigation activity and case notations.
Return On Investment
6. Return On Investment
Receive a high yield of the recovery funds once the plaintiff prevails.
Portfolio Building
7. Continuance of Portfolio Building
Utilize funds for future case building and new portfolio cases

Lawyer Information

Burst Funding offers law firms a way to earn the most money for their cases that have already settled without the waiting! This is not a loan and there are no interest fees included. Working with us means your portfolio will go through a rigorous review by our due diligence team and will put a value on your cases. If both parties accept the valuation and the portfolio your case inventory will be presented to interested investors.

Lawyer Benefits

• Sell Partial or Full Case Loads
• Management Bonuses May Apply
• Get Funding Without Loans Involved

Investor Information

Burst Funding offers financial institutions  a chance to add mass tort legal claims to your portfolio that are already in the settlement stage and are uncorrelated to any capital markets. Cases presented to investors will go through a detailed vetting process by experts who have over 20 years experience in either litigating and or valuate and acquire mass tort cases.

Investor Benefits

• Moderate 2 to 4 Year Investment Cycle
• Diversification of Case Types to Reduce Risk
• Expert Analysis and Evaluation Given to Investors
We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with attorney funding.
If you are a lawyer or investor please contact us below for more information.
Application Submission
1. Application Submission
Potential plaintffs will submit their information to be contacted by an attorney regarding their case.