Buy tv airtime attorney law firm lawyer commercials
Buy tv airtime attorney law firm lawyer commercials

Attorney Commercial Airtime

Welcome to Reach TV the newest way to buy TV airtime suited for the attorney and law firm industry. We focus on demographics to target the most accurate audience. Your case filters are used when launching the audience demographics. Our television airtime purchase includes in depth TV network and channel research to raise performance on return. Utilize our custom TV commercial demographic filters based off your case filters. Television airtime media buys for any law firm. Purchase attorney airtime on over 100 of the most popular television networks.

Television Commercial Package

Across 70+ cable television and local network channels including ABC, Cox, Time Warner, and Dish Network.
Montgomery AL
Little Rock AR
Phoenix AZ
Los Angeles CA
Eureka CA
Fresno CA
San Diego CA
Atlanta GA
Topeka KS
Miami FL
Tampa Bay FL
Chicago IL
Indianapolis IN
Baton Rouge LA
Charlotte NC
Alburquerque NM

Buy Law Firm TV Airtime

Exclusive Attorney leads offers competitive law firm TV airtime for impact driven television commercials. Great for mass tort and personal injury law firms. Purchase television airtime for attorneys and lawyers.
Let us produce your next commercial. We have contracts with national celebrities that have agreed to work with us to develop attorney commercials. The premium attorney television commercial development includes a live spokesperson from a national celebrity or professional actor / actress. Each attorney commercial is highly targeted to reach your specific case filters while delivering a call to action form the viewers. It's easy just provide us with the campaign details you would like included and we will custom build your professional law firm commercial today!
Best Value: Premium Commercial with national celebrity spokesperson included.
We look forward to airing your TV commercial with our wholesale TV airtime packages.
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Buy tv commercial airtime
Broadcast your attorney commercial on 100+ local and national television stations today.
Performance driven attorney lead generation.
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Geographic Markets Include:
Mass tort or Personal Injury commercial package includes the following benefits:
Brooklyn NY
Oklahoma City OK
Portland OR
Charleston SC
Nashville TN
Austin TX
Dallas TX
San Antonio TX
10,000 nationwide television commercial spots
Investment breaks down to $1.45 per commercial
Reach over 9.7 million households
Estimated amount of phone calls with our commercial: 200+
Investment With Your Commercial: $14,500
Estimated cost per live lead: $72
30 second video without actor or actress: $700
30 second video with actor or actress: $1500