Mass Tort Leads

Mass tort leads are a single tort that results in injury to many victims, and usually involves numerous plaintiffs suing one main defendant or company in which allegedly acted negligently. Find mass tort leads like Zofran, Xarelto, Invokana, TVM transvaginal, Nuvaring, hip replacement, Actos, SSRI birth defect anti depressant, personal injury and other pharmaceutical or medical product mass tort lead generation services. In most mass tort lead cases, the various individual plaintiffs must be suing based on harms cased by a single common product. Two of the most frequent mass tort claims are located below:
Consumer product claims: Many people that have been harmed choose to seek legal help for injuries caused by dangerous or defective products. Each year there are a certain amount of voices that get heard and go into trial within the first 90 days.
Pharmaceutical claims: Even medical products such as prescription drugs and medical devices like the hip replacement or pelvic sling can both be prescribed by a doctor intended to help you but may be dangerous to your overall health and well being.

Xarelto Leads:

Dual qualified live transfer lead: $950
Area of Practice:
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Dual qualified posted lead: $800

TVM Leads:

Dual qualified posted lead delivery: $700
American dual qualified live transfer: $850

Zofran and Other SSRI Leads:

Zofran dual qualified posted lead: $700
Zofran American Live Transfer: $800

Invokana Lead Options:

Dual qualified posted lead: $600
Live transfer triple qualified lead: $750

Actos Diabetic Prescription Bladder Cancer Leads:

Actos dual qualified posted lead: $850
Actos live transfer dual qualified lead: $995
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Mass Tort Qualification Guarantee:
We only contact opt-in applicants
Your campaign will be handled with the utmost importance
Each applicant must pass our double qualification process
Applicants will meet your custom lead preference and filters
Depend on Exclusive Attorney Leads for the latest performance driven lead generation. We generate leads for mass tort, Xarelto, SSRI, birth defects, hip replacements, pelvic sling and mesh, TVM, Zoloft, Paxil, Depakote, and other mass tort lead services that are double qualified. Staff requires each lead to pass an astringent dual qualification process for all mass tort live transfers and recording. We strive to use our American call center with clear speaking phone agents for the best result and conversions. In the event an American agent is not available we will include our approved and tested international agents to complete your order as a last resort. Each type of lead has high conversion rates with the exception of the American qualified lead has proven to convert higher in our research.
Attorney Lead Generation Services:
Mass tort lead providers are becoming more popular each day. Trust in a company with a proven track record like Exclusive Attorney Leads to deliver quality opt in lawyer leads that are interested in speaking with you about filing a possible claim. These applicants have been injured from a prescription drug they have taken or incurred an injury from medical procedures and products that have been proven to be unsafe under certain circumstances. We strive for the highest conversion in the attorney lead generation industry.
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Power Morcellator Leads:

Dual qualified posted lead: $850
Live transfer dual qualified lead: $950

Zofran Leads:

$700 for dual qualified posted lead
$800 for live transfer dual qualified
Zoloft and other SSRI posted lead: $650
Zoloft and other SSRI live transfer lead: $750
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