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Transvaginal mesh leads or TVM are created when the potential applicant responds to an internet website regarding an injury pertained to tvm, pelvic mesh or bladder sling. Most tvm leads include revision surgery to correct the injury and in most cases they have been diagnosed and treated in a hospital. We only generate opt in leads that have requested information about a tvm lawsuit. Pelvic mesh and tvm information from internal research below.
TVM Lead Generation is our main focus area along with bladder sling and pelvic mesh double qualified attorney leads. We strive to utilize clear speaking American call center agents to dual qualify each tvm lead for accuracy when available. Also we pre-screen for injury type and hospital diagnosis to ensure potential applicant meets certain case criteria and filters.
Exclusive Attorney Leads is dedicated to your success. We strive to be the fastest growing Attorney Lead Generation Company in America. Online and offline media allows for maximum coverage with any lead marketing program of your choice. We also accept custom filters and state or nationwide focus methods intended to bring your marketing efforts to another level. We look forward to speaking with you and exceeding your marketing goals. We also invite you to explore TVM, bladder sling and pelvic mesh injury details below.
Internet Opt In Website Submission Claim TVM Lead: $375
Double Qualified TVM Lead with Recording: $700
Dual Qualified Live Transfer Opt In TVM Lead: $850
TVM Injury Details
TVM bladder sling and pelvic mesh procedures are used generally to treat vaginal prolapse that is a common condition where the uterus bladder or bowel protrudes into the vagina. Symptoms and injuries include sensation of a vaginal lump, constipation, difficulty emptying the bowel and other female related problems have been reported. Many treatment options aren’t needed unless prolapse occurs in which an alternative treatment option below is recommended to compliment the initial surgery.
Treatment Options
Vaginal pessary is used often as a successful treatment for women affected by the TVM device. Most women will be healthy enough to undergo a vaginal pessary instead of extensive surgery. The vaginal pessaries medical device, which supports the vagina needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months also vaginal pessaries have been proven to be as successful as surgery in relieving pain and discomfort symptoms in these women.
The severity of symptoms and prolapse will determine which option the doctor may suggest for best results. TVM, Pelvic Mesh and Bladder Sling surgery leads to maximum support for your vagina and uterus related injuries. Certain studies have shown that about 75% women undergoing the conventional vaginal prolapse surgery TVM, bladder sling and pelvic mesh usually have a successful outcome. Another option is to include a mesh reinforcement wall or retainer with focus of reducing the chances of recurrence of any prolapse.
We hope you have enjoyed the TVM, pelvic mesh and bladder sling lead generation and marketing portion of our website. Trained mass tort marketing agents are standing by to assist you and your law firm. Contact us today for more information on our TVM Lead Generation Service. See you at the top!
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Explore Our TVM Lead Marketing Options