Xarelto Leads

Xarelto Leads

Find qualified Xarelto leads for attorneys. We screen for your custom criteria to ensure each applicant meets your specifications. Attorney lead generation is our main focus and we generate television and internet opt in Xarelto leads.

Attorney Lead Generation

Explore our attorney lead generation services including leads for Xarelto. Media buys including television inbound live calls are routed to your office in real time. We diversify our lead channels to ensure each attorney lead generation campaign produces qualified results.

Mass Tort Leads

We generate mass tort leads for Xarelto and other popular verticals. Attorney lead generation and for mass tort allows for a qualified client that is interested in filing a claim. Mass tort leads for small and large law firms alike.

Xarelto Television TV Leads

Opt in Xarelto television TV leads for your intake team. Each client has called in live from a television commercial. We offer two different options for media buys. First structure is a set cost per call and the second structure includes a flat airtime fee and you receive unlimited inbound live calls.
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